The Attention Fair and its projects are initiated, developed, designed and executed by Julia Janssen. However, this project would not exist in the way it does, if it wasn’t for the following people and organizations.


"I want to thank everybody who has been involved in my projects, in one way or another: As a visitor, reader, listener, spectator, advisor, client or critic. People who played my games and took part in workshops or experiments. People and organizations who invited me to be part of their event. People who supported my ideas or questioned them. People who motivated me to continue my work.


I want to thank all 0.0146 seconds readers, who spent 12 minutes of their time to read-out-loud privacy policies. You all are part of this artwork, and we, collectively, we make a joint fist against the exploding mechanics of the data economy."



financial support


The Atttention Fair installation

/ Grant for Talent Development from Dutch Creative Industries

/ Pioneer grant, SIDN Fund for Innovation and Internet Projects.


0.0146 seconds

/ Paul Moreno – former head cybersecurity of adyen. currently head of information security at catawiki



/ Pioneer grant, SIDN Fund for Innovation and Internet Projects.




/ programming (games) josh kowarsky

/ programming (:i:) rowin grunder

/ text editing and communication: anne sophie vrolijk

/ sound design: emile lagarde

/ privacy policy: hidde bruinsma

/ personal assistent: julia van de vendel


/ adviser: stëfan Schafer

/ adviser: anouk ruhaak – freelance data journalist and software developer

/ adviser: xander bouwman – cybersecurity

/ adviser: charan van krevel – PhD international economics

/ adviser: bart van der sloot – institute for information law

/ adviser: paul moreno – former head cybersecurity of adyen. currently head of information security at catawiki

/ advise and support: arief ernst huhn – head of FreedomLab ThinkTank

/ support: paul suijkerbuijk – open data expert



other acknowledgements


/ studio moniker – video concept and production for talent deveopment

/ marieke ladru – talentdevelopment, Dutch Creative Industries


During this research process, I had the honor to speak, discuss, talk and exchange ideas with a wide range of experts in the field of economics, data, law, cyber security and technology.


/ erwin blaauw

/ erwin blom

/ hans bouwknegt
/ anouar el haji

/ egbert dommering

/ willem herter

/ jeroen junte

/ martijn kieft

/ sander klous

/ hay kranen

/ rogier van kuijk

/ edo roos lindgreen

/ geert lovink

/ lora mourcous

/ mark van der net

/ cathy o’neil

/ pieter rogaar

/ johan schaap

/ harry vollaard

/ menno weij

/ alexander van wijnen


special thanks


many love to my family and friends who have supported me during 14 months of developing The Attention Fair.


/ elle van kuijk

/ gé janssen

/ floor janssen

/ ken becker

/ juliette deben

/ anne sophie vrolijk

/ liv van de ven

/ julia van de vendel

/ tom kranen

/ eva wubbe

/ arief ernst huehn

/ yuri knopper

/ fadoa schurer

/ margeet liefting

/ sanne walvius

/ berit smit

/ ernst van hoek

/ floor weijs

/ liesbeth piena

/ maaike besseling

/ maloe brinkman

/ robin kersten

/ alice wong


it's impossible to name everyone. but everybody close to me, thanks a lot for your love and support.




/ printwork: raddraaier drukkerij

/ t-shirts: a dutch organic brand who preferably remain anonymous

/ bookbinding: handboekbinderij seugling


0.0146 seconds recording


/ koos tervooren en frank kromer – mircophone media




/ shoshan zuboff – the age of survaillance capitalism

/ marleen stikker – het internet is stuk

/ douglas ruskoff – team human

/ james bridle – new dark age

/ jaron lanier – who owns the future

/ alexander pentland – social physics

/ cathy o’neil – weapons of math destruction

/ frederik zuiderveen borgesius – improving privacy protection in the area of behavioural targeting

/ maurits martijn and dimitri tokmetzis – je hebt wél iets te verbergen

/ viktor mayer schonberger – big data: a revolution that will transform how we live, work and think.

/ matt hogan – datacoup



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